Hawaii 2012

September 26, 2012

Just got back from Hawaii with Dad, Wendy, Karen and Kent.  Fun was had by all!  Wend got the group pictures so here are just a few from my camera.

The view from the condo

Our first attempt at paddle boarding. Heading out to sea.

Proof that can do it standing up.


In downtown Kona. Proof that Vince was actually there for a little while.

Out with Karen and Kent on Saturday. Visiting the Four Seasons Resort.

The volcanic beach at the Four Seasons.

Sunset at dinner on Saturday. This was the most interesting version.

Fishing on Monday. Little does Dad know how crazy the seas are that day. Even the fish wouldn’t come out!














The photo shoot

January 25, 2012

Finally the time came and we had to commit to the dreaded photo shoot.  Our hand forced by San Diego Home and Garden who decided we needed to be in the April edition which gave us about 2 weeks to shoot and submit.  It turned out to be a fun but exhausting day.  It was great to see the house through new sets of eyes.

The photo day starts with Rich putting the finishing touches on the fireplace - talk about calling it close!


David from Boomerang arrives with some cool mid-century pieces for the shoot.


People AND things coming in


David's knick knacks


Starting to stage the bathroom - this is how you camoflage the closet. Worked great!


Spent a lot of time shooting the bathroom...


And finally Rich is done! Take a bow Rich.


And still shooting in the bathroom


More things arrive via Kevin


Magazine people to add to the mix


Vince cleans up after Rich


Finally moving on to the bedroom. Kevin stages the shot.


Kevin is happy so we apparently did something right!


Vince preparing for his big entrance. Work it Vince!


Barbara works her magic


The final set up minus Vince walking through the door


Kevin doing some blue collar work for a change


Setting up for the patio shot. They had me sit in the chair with an iPad. How techy.


Preparing for the kitchen shoot


Still staging


More magic from Barbara


Yes I was lusting after the orange lamp


More artistic vision from Kevin


As dusk nears we move to exteriors


Kevin adds interest to the foreground and possibly gets a hernia


Barabara takes over lead photography on the back while Dave takes the front


A little lighting wizardry from Dave


Kevin does a little damage control - we swear he will be home soon!!!


Cameras are down....


and it is time for Lisa and Vince to have a beer.

An amazing experience.  Fun to meet new people and see a little behind the scenes.  And who knows, maybe Dharma or Buddha may become famous as they charmed their way into a few of the photos.  You never know…

A little holiday cheer

December 27, 2011

These pics best describe our holiday.

Vince and Buddha play with the new iPad.


Dharma is a real strategist when it comes to video games.

There is nothing better than a heating pad for an old man - even in 70 degree weather.

Nature showing off tonight.




Bookcase at stair

November 15, 2011

Finally.  What we have known as “bookcase at stair” is finally in.  Vince and I finally found something that we both liked and after a month long trek from New Jersey, it is here!  With a little swapping of Rich’s art, we created a nice little space.

And yes, it is absolutely fascinating to them.


November 11, 2011

After much deliberation the new cow addition to the family is “Blue Cheese”!  Cynthia Colis graciously allowed us to try both paintings in the house and there was something about these guys that spoke to us in the end.   So meet the newest additions – very meaningful to two Davis graduates!

And a bit more art…

November 6, 2011

Apparently I need an intervention.  But I promise to slow down.  But with our anniversary/christmas/b’day all around the same time, I keep telling myself that they are presents.

Vince decided our fish was lonely so he now has two friends. A veritable school.

I have also been following a local artist Cynthia Colis for a while now.  Since Vince and I went to Davis, cows have special meaning.  She has been kind enough to let us test drive “Awe” in the house for a little bit as I ponder a purchase.



October 10, 2011

Vince and I have been struggling with all of the white walls that surround us.  A few weekends back we found a piece that we loved at Trios gallery in Solana Beach.  We got that piece and then I contacted the artist.  Well, we just got a few more of his pieces and he will be working on our fireplace!  He works on recycled material and I just love his use of color.  Here is his website (shameless plug for Rich).


A big piece for the dining room to fill the wall

The hall. I finally have a piece of furniture on order to use as the railing so people don't have to worry about falling down into the pit. Pics of that to come once it gets here.

The bedroom. I like how it captures the color of sunset.