A little bump in the road

May 29, 2009


Well, long story short, we had to hit the pause button on the project for a few days.   Kevin (the architect) has run into a few problems at the city.  They are having problems getting their heads around the fire hazard of the green roof and there is a crazy new code about ventilation of attic spaces.  They have asked us to halt the work until we can sort them out.  We have a good plan in place to meet their short term needs and another meeting on Wednesday which will hopefully end with permits being issued.  We can then work on the longer term solutions while the project is moving again.

So no new pictures or information for a few days but hopefully we will be back on track at the end of next week!  Never a dull moment.


2 Responses to “A little bump in the road”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh no!!!! So sorry to hear about the hurdle – knowing you guys, I’m sure you have anticipated this type of challenge and have already implemented “Risk Management Plan A”! Of course, I’d be lighting a bonfire in an empty 55gal drum with tequila in hand…

    Good luck!

    PS – Missy & Georgie want to see more kitty pics they’ve never known any true movie stars!

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    LOL! All I keep thinking is if I freak NOW how will I be in nine months?! Now that the house is gone – something will have to be put in it’s place…

    As for the kitties, I should have taken action shots of Vince repeatedly shooting Dharma with the squirt gun. She was full of it last night. Ah the joys of apartment life.

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