You knew I couldn’t stay away…

May 31, 2009

At least I took one day off!!

Yesterday Vince and I went to the project to collect our soggy stop work notice.  It will just go into the scrap book.  As all high achievers, I still makes me nervous that I was caught doing something “wrong”.  But it is prudent to comply.  The inspector said that in any other place besides Del Mar or La Jolla he would let it go.  But these neighborhoods can be a bit high maintenance so it is best to do it by the book.  Our contractor was going to plead his case on Friday afternoon but my guess is that the decision will stick. 

On a positive note, when the inspector was over shutting us down, our project leader Dallas was able to talk to him about our bump out situation.  For those of you who don’t know, the original plans were created with 1 foot bumpouts at the kitchen and master bedroom to add a little space and some texture to the sides of the house.  However, the county, in its infinite wisdom, delayed ratifying a new law by ONE YEAR, that would make it acceptable in the coastal areas.  So it is OK to do everywhere else except where we live (until it gets ratified in March 2010).  The conundrum has been whether to build it with the bump outs knowing that they will be acceptable when we get the final permits.  So, Dallas discussed this plan and according to the Eric, Dallas and the inspector have come up with a plan to make it happen. We will get more information on Tuesday but I would be very excited if it would work out.  It would completely make up for the work stoppage!

OK, that was a lot of details.  Back to the fun stuff.  I uploaded a video of the current state of demo which gives you a better feel for it than in stills.  Vince even makes a cameo.


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