Thursday morning…

June 4, 2009

red tape

What a soap opera! 

We are waiting on pins and needles here to see if we can get started again.  Kevin met with the planners and got all of the new “issues” worked out and signed off. But then they realized that someone at the city forgot to get us signed off on the coastal exemption review (we fell into a bureaucratic crack).  They said 1-2 weeks – Kevin told them no way – so they got someone to do it right there.  But, since we are close to the limit, they asked for a more detailed demo plan.  Kevin and his partner were up until 2 am last night putting that together in hopes that they can submit it today and get permits issued.  I know Eric will be relieved to get it moving again (he has never been shut down like this before – welcome to Del Mar!).

Hopefully I will have good news by the end of the day.  A collective crossing of the fingers would be appreciated!


One Response to “Thursday morning…”

  1. JL Says:

    UGH!!! Everything is crossed!

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