Ever so close

June 12, 2009

But still not quite there.

We were successful in getting the plans electronically approved in the city yesterday.  However, they asked to have a few notations added to the plans from the meeting.  So Kevin had to make them.  His appointment was delayed until 3 today.  They agreed it all looked good, but then he found out that apparently, for where we live, we don’t pay our school fees to San Diego.  We pay them to Del Mar and San Dieguito districts (up in Encinitas – north of us).  So no stamped plans until we pay the fees.  Vince and I will try to get them paid tomorrow or Monday.  Kevin can then take the receipt back down to the city to get the final stamped plans. 

Not sure if this affects the demo moving forward or not – I have that question out to the troops.

They are making us work for it – that’s for sure.


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