July 1, 2009

Not a heck of a lot to report on this week.  We had our regular meeting yesterday.  We debriefed on some of our experiences at the home tours on Sunday.  One common themes in the houses was a smooth wall finish.  We have been hoping to get away from a completely smooth finish due to costs, but it is hard to reject when you see it in every house…  We also saw the door jam detail that the architect would like us to use in most of the houses.  It looks simple – but it is deceptively difficult and (of course) costly.  Now we know why he specified it that way – but we also know that we have to keep an eye on the budget.  The big revelation for us was screens – of all things.  We realized that we never discussed the issue.  In the houses that we looked at they had these beautiful walls of glass that opened – with no screens.  It is not easy to keep kitties inside when you don’t have a screen.  So, we need to start discussing our options now.  The screens that would come with our doors will be quite expensive (and widen the track).  We may need to be creative to see if we can come up with some solutions.  We do need to open the doors to get cross ventilation – but we will not let the kitties become coyote bait (Dharma would probably foolishly stand her ground rather than run away).

Friday will be a good day.  In the AM we are visiting the finished project between our architect and contractor.  We can then see many items that will be in our home “in real life”.  Next we will visit another job site that is in progress for our contractor.  After that, we have a visit with an independent cabinet maker recommended by our architect.  Kevin has warned us that the smell of wood is intoxicating and we may not be able to resist bringing some home right there and then…

That’s the scoop for now!


3 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Heidi & Ron Says:

    Please don’t let the kitties be coyote bait! The screens will be worth it (and won’t let lots of bugs in). That reminds us of when I moved in with Ron with my cat, Bandit. I saw all these lost kitty signs up around his townhome area above Tecolote canyon. I knew then that I had to keep my Mira Mesa roaming cat indoors otherwise she would end up as food for canyon dwellers(wild or human).

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    Keep preaching sister. I panic out when Dharma sleeps under the bed and I can’t find her. Mamma’s a little bit of a control freak…

  3. Heidi Says:

    I panic too when I can’t find our little Kiki. And there she is sleeping in Julie’s or Nicole’s bed or under our bed. Now I keep a can of food around for just in case Kiki is lost in the house. I clang on the can and she comes speeding to me.

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