Ah, back home

July 3, 2009

Very busy Friday morning (had the day off).  Got a great tour of Kevin and Eric’s current project that is wrapping up.  Lots of good ideas and items for future discussions.  It is great to see a project come together and finish (now we know it can be done).  A big thanks to the Gevanthors for letting us invade their new home!

We ended at the cabinet shop of Dave Fiedler who has bid our project.  We have quite a bit of wood in the project so making this decision is significant.  We were pleased with our discussions and brought home a sample of some walnut veneer that was quite pleasing.


We may have enough information to make a decision about the cabinetry in the house.  It will be a relief when that is done (and more of a relief when it is all paid for!).

We did make a pass at the house yesterday and I took a few cell phone pictures. 

Vince waving hello from the eventual guest bath area:


Apparently a meeting space in the soon to be living room:


Look Ma, no floor!


A good look at the foundation:


Vince dreaming about his workshop…


This is the beam that used to hold up the living room!



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