Wednesday update

July 8, 2009

It’s been a busy work week and I got a little behind in my blog! 

Holes are almost finished that will accommodate the the footings.  Footings should start going in next week.  Vince has the pictures – so I either need to go find where he put them so I can post them!

We had a good meeting on Tuesday.  Vince and I have been figuring out what the final-final budget for the project will be (down to the door knobs) which will help us understand what items we will want to include, exclude, reduce, or upgrade.  For each upgrade we need to sacrifice something to keep the budget in line.  So, we look at what gives the best bang for the buck.  Kevin will be happy to know that the kitchen has made it through the analysis as one of the “bang” elements. 

Oh and I have to do a shout out to Dallas our project supervisor- he wants more press time in the blog or he won’t forward me a picture of some screens…  He is so demanding.  😉

I will post pictures when I can!!


One Response to “Wednesday update”

  1. mom Says:

    Thank you for the update for those of us who are “hooked” on your blog. You have your priorities straight when you kept the kitchen in the “bang”.
    The cats are always a good substitute for the house news.

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