Yosemite wrap up

July 14, 2009

It was quite a trip!!!  Quick but well worth it.  The wedding was beautiful and Yosemite was amazing.  We will go back.  We got there Friday at about 5:30 but didn’t get to the hotel until after 6 since we HAD to stop for pictures.  How can you not when you see El Capitan for the first time after the tunnel??  We stayed at the Lodge at the Falls – and you will see the falls were right there.   We had a fun dinner in the bar (didn’t want to get too fancy after all that travel).  Our room was fine but hot.  We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to cool it (never quite mastered that).  Saturday AM, we had b’fast at the Lodge then traveled to the Ahwahnee, where the wedding would be later that day.  We tried out the shuttle system which worked fine when you didn’t have to be anywhere at a given time.  From there, we did a hike to Mirror Lake and then to a rock fall that closed the trail.  It was a good 3+ hour hike – which was plenty at those temperatures (high 80’s/low 90’s).  Got back to the room and had a snack and then got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful.  I am not sure I have seen a  more radiant bride than Andrea.  She glowed. 

Sunday we got up early, had some pancakes at the Lodge and headed back.  After another 8 hours, some 100+ degree temperatures, and only a tiny bit of traffic in LA we got home.  Kitties were happy (and a bit lethargic in the heat).

So, what does Yosemite have to do with a house blog do you ask?  Well, we would like to incorporate natural motifs into the house, and it is a great place to get inspiration. 

This is the sight that greets you as you enter the park:


Bridalveil Falls:


A meadow:


On our hike:




A visitor:


The view from outside our room:


Proof that there was a wedding.  Bryan and Andrea:

b and a_2


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