Another Tuesday Meeting

July 15, 2009

Yep – we had our weekly meeting.  This time we had the whole crew – Eric, Dallas and Kevin (for his first official visit NOT under duress with inspectors at our doorstep). 

As the pictures will show, we are getting ready to pour the footings.  So, holes have been dug, and rebar has been set.  Hopefully (no pressure Dallas) we will be able to show some actual footings next week!  Our other main topics of the day surround the exterior doors (brands and screening options) and interior doors (can Lisa get the walnut doors she is lusting after), and why Vince is not allowed to crawl around on his belly underneath the music room to run wire.  There is an answer to everything especially if you have an endless budget or a crazy husband (no on the budget – yes on the husband).

Overall project view (not much changed from this view)


Vince viewing a new footing hole for the beam to hold up the garage!


The team looking into the pit that was our middle bedroom (and will be again soon!).


Under the house – it looks like an archeological dig.

under house


2 Responses to “Another Tuesday Meeting”

  1. Mom, Caralli Says:

    Unless I am completely wrong . Vince can not go crawling under the house to run wire, for the same reason Dad should not have been on the roof in 1989. Three holes in the ceiling and a hematoma later Carlo decided he should not be on the roof. Some things are best left to the experts.

  2. Heidi and Ron Says:

    Love the pics from Yosemite! Wish we could have been there. Underneath the house is very interesting for something manmade. Looks like a river(or at least a stream)ran through it.

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