Oh so close

July 22, 2009

Unfortunately I could not get any good concrete pouring action shots today at our standing meeting.  The trucks arrive tomorrow morning and darn it, I have to work (how else are we going to pay for this?!).

Our most pressing topic continues to be the exterior sliding doors.  So many options and so many price points.  What is a girl to do?  Luckily, we have a spreadsheet and a team of people trying to satisfy Vince and my need for due diligence.  Eric did not know what he signed up for.  There is a reason that I am an “analytical” chemist.  Once the footings get poured we can move on to framing and steel.  Since we need to know the door sizes to frame, choosing the sliders becomes very important.

On a side note, Kevin (our architect), sent along a fun link to a video on his house.  No, we can’t do as many “green” options as he did due to our budget constraints, but you can get a feel for his approach to his buildings.  Plus, you get to meet the guy we have spent so many hours with noodling over this project.  Take a look if you have some time.


And of course there are pictures:

Waiting for the new footings for the media room:


Footings for the new deck/fireplace area out back:


Footings that will hold up the center of the house:


Footings for the downstairs bedroom expansion:



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