Sunday update

August 2, 2009

We had a 4 hour marathon session at Ferguson to look at plumbing and kitchen fixtures yesterday.  Dave (the sales person) was a good sport since we only had been scheduled for 2 hours.  But, we will be able to get a quote on all of the fixtures which will help me with the budget.  The good thing about going contemporary is that you are limited in what you can choose from that is in your price range.  It made it much quicker to narrow it all down.  We may find things that we like better down the road, but at least now we have selected items that will fit in really well if we never change our minds.  That is an accomplishment!

Oh and I forgot about our good meeting with a window/door vendor in the middle of last week.  We spent about an hour with them looking at options for our sliders.  There are a lot of combinations that we could go with at many different price points.   The best part was that they may have a Fleetwood door that we can use that was returned because it was hinged on the wrong side.  We can get it for a steal – we just have to see if we can make it work somewhere (it is just a few inches too short).  This will take a consult with Kevin and Eric.

No pictures of the house since I was pooped after our full day yesterday.  We will get some at our Tuesday meeting.  I did spy another load of lumber in the driveway…  But, I do have some pictures to show that Kevin’s plans have multiple uses (as both a pillow and a bed).

D and B



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