Senior Inspector

September 24, 2009

We had our Senior inspector visit today to get the height issues resolved once and for all.  It took over an hour, but in the end we established that we are about 3 feet UNDER the height limit.  So, unless we put on a turret, we should be fine (I am sure Kevin almost lost his lunch over mention of a turret).   Final sign-off can only happen once they put the roof on but they seemed confident that we wouldn’t screw it up between now and then!

So, neighbors can continue to ask, but the answer for right now is that we are within the limits.  

After the inspectors left we spent some time discussing some options for changes in the framing and stairs.  We have been trying to determine if we need a steel stringer for the staircase.  Manish mocked it up for us and now we better understand why steel may be needed – it is really the best option to keep the “floating” look.  Here is what it would look like as viewed from the Music room on the first level.  The steel is used for the landing and stringer leading up to the master suite. (post is hidden in the wall). Oh and yes, there will be a railing so you wont risk life and limb if you visit.


Now for the pictures.

The new structural steel in front.  This will remain an architectural feature with an eyebrow above it.


Vince and Dallas discuss steel (while Lisa and Eric discuss the Steelers).


Dallas is trying to escape with the plans before Kevin can change them…


Bonus points if you can tell where this picture was taken.



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