Meeting pictures

September 30, 2009

Our discussions for the weekly meeting involved the fate of the “bumpout” (to be decided next week), timing of completion (late March), and how to prevent Lisa from hitting the new structural steel frame as she pulls into the garage (Mom, do the dents in fenders of the old Honda and Mazda ring a bell?).

Now pictures.

Action shot.  They make a lot of noise when they nail above your head during the meeting…


Vince and Eric next to the stair well upstairs.  That’s one big window going into the corner.


Vince and Eric ponder how tall palm trees grow.


View up the stair well.  The railing at the top will be glass to keep the open feeling.


Studying the plans in the kitchen.


The boys pose for a picture before lugging all that wood up the ladders.



2 Responses to “Meeting pictures”

  1. mom Says:

    The Honda retains its dent issues to this day. The Mazda is, thankfully, retired in its old age. You are so right to consider the issue.

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    At least I know my limitations!!


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