October 4, 2009

Had a very productive weekend.  We went to the annual sale at Standards of Excellence (appliance store) and found ourselves some items from our list.  Went there last night and found our Advantium oven (an unused display item).  It is now sitting in our spare bedroom in the apartment.   We got up early to go back since they put new items out first thing in the morning and after 1 pm (it is a 3 day sale).  We also realized that the trays for the advantium were not in the unit and probably in the drawer that we did not buy last night (it was attached).  So, luckily the drawer was still there and yes, the pans were in there AND they sold us the drawer for $100 (normally $300).  Can’t beat that. 

Then went to the pile of hoods – and there was our hood!  Couldn’t believe it (it must have come in last night’s trucks – it was a former unused display model).  The guy also thought he found our regular Monogram oven – but alas, it was the double oven version.  I DO NOT need three ovens.  No luck on our refrigerator either.  But we did find a great deal on a brand new older model Miele dishwasher.  All we had to do was pack our finds into the SUV and get it all to the storage unit (at that point I was very happy that they did NOT have the refrigerator…).  Vince kept telling me that once it was in the SUV all we had to do was get it down – a lot easier than up.  Vince did most of the muscle, but we got it into the storage unit unscathed.  Another team Caralli victory when Lisa does not throw her back out.

Now they sit until we have a kitchen to put them in. 

Here is the Advantium – works as a convection, speed-cook and microwave.  I plan to use it a lot since it is just the two of us.  The oven and the drawer are the two top items in the stack.  We still need the regular oven and the warming drawer.  Yes Dad – GE!!!


This is the hood. 


And the dishwasher – this was the best picture I could find – it looks something like this.  Ended up solving our dilema about whether to find a unit with a handle that matches the Monogram Ovens.



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