What’s going on this week

October 8, 2009

We had our meeting on Tuesday.  Dallas is starting to work on the stairs so we hope to have those soon.  They still need the steel stringer so we are at the mercy of the fabricators.  We hope to have the majority of the framing wrapped up in the next several weeks.  Then the fun begins.

Today, we had another visit from the inspectors due to another “inquiry” into the house.  This time it was whether we had gone over the 50% saved wall rule.  But as you all may remember, we have already been down that path so the inspection was just a formality.  They have to respond to every request, but this meeting apparently went quickly.  We are on the up and up.

Pictures aren’t too exciting today…

The boys were working on the “green roof”.  The new window openings will give a ton of extra light as compared to the previous structure.  Very exciting.


Dallas and Vince chat about shear walls.   Picture is taken from “vince’s room” under the house up into the entry hall.  We may get to reclaim some extra storage under the stairs that will be just past where they are standing.


At the end of the day you can see the the “green roof” has a top!  Plants will have to wait until after we move in since the city doesn’t quite know what to make of it…



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