A long delayed update

October 21, 2009

Sorry about my brief absence.  We have been doing a lot – but my camera ran out of batteries so my pictures were minimal.  Plus we had a good visit from my folks which kept us on our toes! 

The house is looking amazing.  All the basic structure is there.  We are very close to ordering the windows so we are being extra sure that nothing major is going to change.  That being said, we are thinking of making a change to include a little sitting area in the master bedroom.  As Dallas said, better now than after we drywall!

Stairs should be in next week so we no longer have to take the “fireman’s special” staircase.  The guys were trying to convince us to put in a pole instead of the stairs to get down.  Creative, but I will take my steel stringer please.  Exterior doors will be installed next Wednesday.  It will really start to look like a house.

The outside – we have scaffolding!


The kitchen all cleaned up.  Now we just need cabinets.


Vince and Dallas in the living room.


Dallas discusses how we are going to keep small children from launching themselves off the planted roof (I think it is a railing and not barbed wire).


Eric spots a sailboat.  If you squint you can see it.


George,  Vince and Dallas discuss the flow of rain water off the lounge.  We want a deck and NOT a pool.


George working in the lounge.


This pictures shows how the window in the master bathroom above the sinks is strategically placed so it does not look like we have neighbors.


The view in the master closet – just a nice pine tree.


And finally the ONE picture I got before my camera died.  Proof Mom and Dave did set foot on the project!  Next time they visit it will be a finished house.  It’s an amazing thought.



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