Tuesday’s report

October 28, 2009

It is Tuesday meeting day!   The big discussion of the day was regarding moving the east wall in the master bedroom (which also moves the roof and changes a window).  If we do, we can make a little area for some cabinets and a bench seat.   We need to weigh the costs with the added benefit – but it is cheaper to do now than after drywall is in!!!

The good news is that Dallas was able to get the steel for the back patio down to a reasonable price so I think we will go that route.  No giant wood beams which will make Kevin happy!  Also discussions regarding how we will be running the heating air ducts.   It’s a bit more complicated when you don’t have an attic.  While we were there the mechanical guys and the plumbing guys showed up – so we are very close to the next phase.  Stairs should go in starting Thursday so hopefully I will have some pictures of that soon.

Vince and I also had a productive run to Costco tonight and found almost our exact same kitchen faucet that we had selected for under half the price.  The handle is a bit different – but for half price I can live with it!

Here are just a couple of pictures – not much new to photograph right now.

The comings and goings at the site:


Vince at the intersection of the kitchen and the dining room.  The wingwall dividing the spaces is now in.


Spiderman, spiderman….



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