Stairs, doors and plumbing

November 11, 2009

Things are really comming together at the house.  Had our meeting today.  The exterior doors were delivered.  They were going to start the installation this afternoon.  We spent some time with Dallas discussing how the two back pocket doors will meet up and how a pocket installation works – you need to paint the interior black so that you don’t see raw wood when the doors are closed (who knew?!).  As for the plumbing, we need to start getting in the fixtures so that we can ensure that everything lines up.  Oh and the stairs.  We discussed how to finish off the bottom side (it will be walnut veneer) and how much of the steel to show. 

Eric stands in the mid level by the new wall.  Railings will be attached to it.


George at the top of the stairs getting ready for the slider to be installed.


The new doors are here!



Dallas showing Vince how the pocket doors are installed.


Plumbing for the master vanity.


The master shower drain.


And yes, you do need a toilet….



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