Another Sunday Update

November 22, 2009

A lot going on this week which made me tardy in posting.  Wednesday we had a great meeting with both contractor and architect.  We are in the refining stages so Kevin’s input is helpful.  We would like to make changes before wall board is hung!  Not too many changes.  A window will be adjusted and a soffit raised (it already has!).  Some discussion about eliminating some skylights (still thinking about that one).  Now we are worried that our closet is going to have too much light!

We got our tile samples in the mail and feel that we are really on to something – a nice blend of nature and contemporary.  The first fixtures are on order – that is exciting.  The big effort, however, need to be getting the place weathered in.  We have been lucky that no substantial rain has fallen during the project.  But we are pushing our luck.  San Diego needs rain and I hate that I am doing a “no rain” dance right now. 

As for the pictures, Wednesday was so busy that I did not have time to take them.  I did on Saturday – but my camera battery ran out.  So, you get a few camera and the rest are cell phone…

More doors installed.  If you squint, you can see Vince in the entry hall.

Our beautiful pocket doors in the dining room.  So glad that we added the side door – make has a big impact on the light.

The bowling alley.  Can’t wait to share a glass of wine with you all at the kitchen island.

Duct work joins the heater and plumbing under the house.

Working on the chimney so that Santa can visit us in 2010.




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