In every life some rain must fall…

November 28, 2009

Just why did it have to be THIS weekend.  We were literally one day away from having the roof on and a storm finally arrived in San Diego (they were supposed to complete it this weekend).  I woke up at 2 AM and could hear the rain beating down.  Not condusive to a good night’s rest.  Luckily, on Friday they had not starting putting the drywall up on the roof and had covered it in case the storm did roll in.  Otherwise, it would have been very soggy.

On inspection this AM we found that a roof is pretty important in keeping rain out of a house.  The biggest issue was the upstairs deck area that pooled water – which then fell and pooled in the living room – which then pooled and fell into the garage.  We have been trying to disperse the water but then it starts to rain again – so Vince and I will make a final crack at it tomorrow.  Now the key thing is to dry it out and get the roof on before the next threat of rain.

Successful dispersion:

But then the rain started again…

From the master bath window – water awaiting a future gutter…



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