Rain, rain go away

January 21, 2010

Can’t believe that I am saying that but….  The rain has been crazy this week.  It is hampering our progress.  We have been able to do a little bit of the lighting which needs to be installed before drywall.  And of course we need to get the house wrapped.  We are getting closer – they put on enough paper to get us through the rains (it is not entirely dry but close).  It just can be a struggle to get across your urgency with some of the subs.  I have a new appreciation for the term “manana”.  Hopefully the rains will end this weekend and we can get back to business.  In the meantime, here are a few pics from last week.

Paper on the front.

Light cans are in the eves.  You can see them in the front and in the media room eve.  The pink bundle on the ground is wrapped drywall.  Not sure if it survived the river that was created tonight.  I could not even get into the site because there was a river flowing down the gutter that flowed over my shoes!  The good news is that Vince says it is mostly dry (although he was drenched when he got back).

Light cans in the kitchen.

Our corner window in the main stairwell – the blue tape eventually goes away (at least I hope so!)


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