One more Sunday closer to completion

February 22, 2010

Just keep counting down the weeks…

Vince and I sorted out some tile stuff on Saturday.  Narrowed our choices and selected some grout colors.  As for construction this week, I think they will be working on the reglet and baseboards, facia metals, and maybe some stucco.  If the nail inspection on the drywall goes well they could do some taping too.

Close up on the front to see the prep for the stucco.  Lots of wire mesh.

The wood around the bottom will be used to hold up the drywall.  Once fixed, it will be removed and the metal reglet put in.  Base board goes in last (at least I think that is the order).

Vince helping to me to visualize some of the exterior colors…

Light for south body

Darker for North body

Red for a little punch of color (used judiciously of course).

And last.  Dharma trying to convince me tonight that it does not count as scratching on the furniture if it is done with your back feet…


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