Our name is Mud…

March 5, 2010

But that is a good thing.  The taping and mudding started today!

I know my updates have been sparse but the changes are less dramatic right now.  They have been making progress on the external metals, the wire mesh for the stucco and the base boards.  The base boards took a bit due to a metal reglet that runs between them and the drywall – had to make sure we had all the right parts.  But they got in and installed.  We are also close to picking external colors and have some stucco samples in our living room.

At our meeting this week we discussed the final tile design (went a bit over budget there – but it will be worth it).  We need to get our act together and get a garage door in so we can create a secure area for the finish items.  That is now a priority for us.  Cabinets are scheduled for a March 15th start date – that will really help it look like a house.  My lovely walnut interior doors should arrive next week (well after the messy mudders are done).  Here are the pictures!

They mysterious reglet…

Signs of the drywall taping.


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