Lots going on

March 10, 2010

It was a very busy site today!  Hugh the plumber was installing our tub filler (and had a few choice words about the number of trips he had to make up the stairs – LOL).  They continue to mud the place as we get ready for cabinets next week.  Eric got us some carpet samples and we are finding several that we like.  The garage door continues to be up for debate but we are narrowing down the choices to two right now (knowing us we will end up with the expensive one…).  And now the pictures…

I can’t help but be amused by the men on stilts

Working on the skylight in the entry

Now HE thinks I am crazy…

The shower is getting ready for tile (OK – after it gets vacuumed out)

Hugh is all smiles after his final trip up the stairs.  Note the location of our tub filler on the ceiling- what the heck, at least it is different!

Vince and Dallas watching mud dry

And by the time I got back from work, the master bedroom is ready for the TV!

And finally a picture tonight from the master bedroom.  A reminder why we are doing all of this…


3 Responses to “Lots going on”

  1. JL Says:

    Oh, that view. Indeed worth it!

  2. Heidi & Ron Says:

    Yes the view will be worth it. After almost 10 yrs in our home, we still love our mountain views! With all of your stairs, where do you have the washer and dryer? We have lots of stairs and we have ours in the basement which gives you extra stairclimber excersize on laundry day! It’s fun to see the house progress towards the finish line! And I agree that the men on stilts are amusing!

    • tunapokaa Says:

      Heidi – the laundry is upstairs in our master suite area (since it is just the two of us). Actually, since it is on a common wall with the master closet, I was thinking that I could just build in a cute between them – but Vince vetoed me since he would loose wall space…the clothes hound!

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