Winner winner chicken dinner

April 9, 2010

Kind of a fun week in a few ways.

Well, we have set a move in date – it’s May 28th!  Now Dallas is quick to point out that the house is not going to be completely done, but we will have hot water, a kitchen, plumbing and floors.  All I care about is having some place to lock the cats up during the day and they can finish to their heart’s content.  Vince and I are feeling a bit “done” with apartment living –  it was an adventure, but I would rather be in my house!!  It’s even harder as it starts to look more like a house because you imagine the home it will be.

As for what is going on, interior doors are going in and some interior painting is happening.  Next week we should start to see a big transformation as the stucco begins (as long as the rain cooperates).  Carpenters are working on the design of the laundry and hopefully the office space.  Just ordered the appliances today so those should be coming in early May.  These next weeks are going to be busy in the final push to get us in.

On the fun news, we think we lucked into a great find for some of the interior glass.  We had planned to use a product called 3-form which is a plastic product in which you can sandwich all sorts of items.  I was looking at birtch twigs.  Well, when the sales rep came over she told us about a restaurant that had closed down and had numerous panels of it with some native australian grasses in it.  We had actually been to the restaurant for new year’s eve!!  So, yesterday we took a look at the panels are will be getting some of them for a fraction of the cost of new.  I feel very “green” that I am recycling!

The other fun news is that Vince was a winner this week.  He had put him name in to win a home office update and they selected him.  We were completely skeptical that we would ever get the prize – but after several months it arrived.  The best part is that the computer is totally chick – perfect for me!  We had wanted a netbook for the new house and now we have one for free!! 

Now for the pictures…

Door to the media room is in:

The baseboard has arrived:

Closet doors ready to be painted:

Sand delivered and ready to become our stucco:

Our 3-form find with the entry tile:

You can see the screen when it was in the restaurant:

And the prize.  Vivienne Tam netbook, phone, Office software upgrade and gift card (sorry Dallas – these are not going to make it into your mini-van).


2 Responses to “Winner winner chicken dinner”

  1. JL Says:

    Wow, great update! Moving date, big progress and a chick office….sweet! 🙂

  2. Heidi & Ron Says:

    Wow, May 28 will be really soon! We are so surprised that Vince did not want to use the netbook (Lucky Lisa). Everything is looking great and the 3 form is such a great unique find! We are excited to see the progress towards the big finish!

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