Lots of goings on

April 14, 2010

We had our meeting today and the big item was that the kitchen ceiling and bathroom cabinet doors were going in.  The ceiling turned out beautiful.  We got to see the final product when we got home from work.  There will be walnut that goes up the backsplash too so the pictures are a true in progress.

Stucco finally started on Monday but then lost momentum today.  Dallas says that they will work the weekend to catch up.

Jim was also there polishing the steel on the outside to get it ready for paint.  The boys were doing baseboard install and the painter was getting ready to paint.  All things needed to get ‘er done.

A little bit of stucco

Vince and Dave study the stairs

Dallas and Dave posing for me

Vince avoiding me while I photograph the ceiling team

Dave rallying the troops (ok, I don't really know what he was saying)

Positioning the ceiling

Vince and Dallas proving that we can fit two people in the kitchen

Jim getting down to business

Analyzing the stair rail position

Master bath cabinet

Connecting the ceiling pieces

Always enthusiastic!

Getting ready for install

installing the baseboard

Painter is prepping

The finished ceiling

Side view

View from the stairs. Pendant lights will hang in the slots above the island


2 Responses to “Lots of goings on”

  1. JL Says:

    Hey, it looks like a house!

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    I know – it kind of does… Weird but exciting!!

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