Foiled by carpet…

May 16, 2010

It is always the small things.

Apparently when they went to order our carpet that usually is available within a week, they found that none is available.  Due to the poor economy, the company had not done any runs of our pattern.  So, it will be 4 weeks before we can get it.  Since we can’t really move in without carpet, it just doesn’t make sense anymore to try for our May 28th date.  New goal:  get in before Vince’s birthday. 

To mend our wounds (found out this morning) we went to – where else – San Diego Harware.  Our door pulls for the front door were in and we had to pick up a couple of other items.  They now know us there.  We also bought our washer and drier.  I just sucked it up and got the good ones – steam cleaning which will be good for my workout clothes and in the color I liked AND I got the pedestals.  Shows me not to shop after bad news.

On the progress front, stucco did start going on – albeit sometimes not on the right spot (we are getting that corrected).  The good news is that we like the colors.  Other action has been that the panels for the stairs were installed and look great. 

Stucco on the side in Miner's dust

Stucco close up

Stucco guys working today

Installing the stair panels

Almost finished stair

A demonstration of the tub filler - pretty cool.

A picture of what I got - if only I can look this happy doing laundry


6 Responses to “Foiled by carpet…”

  1. JL Says:

    It’s obviously a conspiracy and Dallas wanted the extra days. He probably has the carpet at his house 🙂 j/k!

    • tunapokaa Says:

      LOL – he swears that is not the case. But now he is under my eagle eye. We are not telling the subs about the new schedule so no one thinks it is an excuse not to show up!!

  2. mom Says:

    So sorry about the best laid plans. At least you will be more finished when you move in and not feel as if you are camping out. Lots to do before company comes.
    How is your article for Dwell coming along? People need to know about this house.

    • tunapokaa Says:

      Yep – trying to stay positive. The cats are thoroughly disappointed though. Dharma needs some running room!!

  3. Heidi R Says:

    Sorry to hear about the delay. But I don’t think I ever heard of a house being done when it was suppose to (especially among my VA friends who have built houses) Enjoy that new washer and dryer. I don’t have the steam cleaning (I’m jealous) but I love my front loaders. We wash clothes so much that it’s worth it! Do you really think that the cats will run around the house right away or will they be hiding in some unknown to you cubby hole that they somehow found and squirreled their way in?

  4. tunapokaa Says:

    Buddha may hide, but Dharma will strut through it like she owns the place (well, she kind of does…).

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