No scaffolding

May 26, 2010

Which means that the house is finally emerging.  There is still stuff to do on the front, but it is a glimpse of what it will look like.

And I say it is super duper!!!  Kudos to Kevin and Manish for their amazing vision.

Lots of activity today.  Floors are going in.  Lighting trim.  Fixtures. Glass.  Oh and we have gas (and not the kind you get from a burrito supreme).

Our pretty house - clean and linear. I love it.

The boys examine George's fine workmanship.

A toilet (and we have water)

Proof we have gas (but still not sure how I want to finish out the master fireplace)

Starting on the flooring in the dining room

The results when I got home from work (I think I will never wear shoes again...)


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