Posting while I can

June 24, 2010

Eventually we will lose the internet for the move so I am going to post pictures while I can…

The carpet was finished today which is exciting.  Plus the sink finally is installed and does NOT appear to have any cracks.  That is a good sign.  Still need the dishwasher in and there is still plenty of dust.  Tomorrow we are packing and hopefully meeting with the inspector.  Movers come at 10 AM on Friday morning!

Vince posing in the lounge


Heading into the master bath

The office and the master entry (no cabinets yet for the office)

Another picture of Vince because I kind of like him...

Mood lighting in the kitchen


4 Responses to “Posting while I can”

  1. There’s going to be some serious vegan cooking going on in that kitchen in August! 🙂 Lisa, so excited for you. It’s stunning. Wishing you a smooth move over the next few days! xoxo

    • tunapokaa Says:

      You bet JL!! I actually am really loving the kitchen. It is working out perfectly. Can’t wait to do some cooking with you guys!

  2. Eric Says:


    I know this is my first post and we’re just about done but I absolutely love the carpet pictures. The picture with Vince at the railing looks just like a rendering. So cool… totally worth the wait. Those upstairs rooms are awesome with the carpet in. Congratulations to you and Vince!

    • tunapokaa Says:

      Yep Eric – definitely worth the wait. And the best news is that they appear to be cat hairball proof. Buddha has tested it now twice!

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