All the details in pictures

June 29, 2010

I need to get this up over my lunch at work so I will tell the move story in pictures!  Still no home internet access (but that story will await another time…).

Here we are packing on Thursday - Dharma is helping as always.

Another assist from Dharma as Vince wraps a piece of furniture

Dharma is not liking her location for the duration of the move...

Down goes Buddha's favorite hang out

One last important piece for Lisa

The destination


Dining room

Lots of boxes

A full kitchen

Most importantly - kitties are ready to explore their new home


Buddha tries out the walnut floors

Dharma wants to make sure we are following her up the stairs

Buddha displaying his stair climbing skills

Checking out the master bedroom

and the view from the master bathroom

Finally a chance to take a break and have some dinner

But while I cook Vince has to set me up so I can see my "stories"...

Saturday morning - kitties are getting a bit more relaxed in their new surroundings

Washer and Dryer arrive!

Blinds getting installed

Looking good

Couch got delivered and Dharma is trying it out

Getting things a bit more organized - still a long way to go

There you have it!  We are still working to get everything put away and livable.  We are sleeping in the guest bedroom until we get a bed for our room.  Just one too many things for our list!  We are tired but happy to be one step closer to completion on the project!


4 Responses to “All the details in pictures”

  1. Looks great! What an exciting time!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Looking fantastic! I think Buddha will be getting a lot more excersize in this house than in the apartment. The girls enjoy seeing the kitties explore the house!

  3. tunapokaa Says:

    That’s why we put his box and food upstairs. Need to get a little weight off of him!

  4. Meredith Says:

    The house looks great! A long journey, but what an amazing destination!

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