Happy 5th!

July 5, 2010

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  I started the day actually getting to the gym after my week and a half off using moving as an excuse…  Most of the day spent cleaning – it is amazing where dust can get.  Set up the table for our dinner, did laundry (love the new appliances) and V cleaned out the BBQ.  Our friends Steph and Dylan came over to do a dry run dinner party with us.  Just needed to see how the house worked with people over.  I think it was successful.  BBQ and kitchen both worked.  Need to get our stools for the bar so that Dylan does not have to hit his head on our lights.  Upstairs worked out great for firework watching since we could see both La Jolla and Del Mar.  Cats were well behaved.  All good.

Vince generates a little heat. Needless to say, our master bath had a nice smoky smell after this.

I put Steph to work in the kitchen

Watching fireworks - not really easy to take a picture of this...

Steph's amazing dessert (we have leftovers!!)

This picture turned out artsy but at least everyone is smiling


One Response to “Happy 5th!”

  1. Love seeing you enjoying your beautiful new home!

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