The ups and downs

July 16, 2010

On a positive note, the overcast skys finally cleared and we got some sun.  Well, today we got some sun and then rain – tropical moisture.   Made for a nice sunset though…

Our down right now is our fridge decided to go crazy and freeze over…  It cannot be convinced to go above 25 degrees.  So we get to do our first service call.  People are now trying to convince me that it is all part of the process of working out the kinks.  I would just like a week without a kink!!!  The good news from that is that they will come on Saturday so we can get the rest of the blinds installed and get that done and won’t have to take off any additional work.

Still no steps or deck – but we did have some wood arrive.  We will see if my goal of getting the outside done by the end of July will happen…  Two more weeks!!

A poor attempt to take a picture of moonset without a tripod. But it was amazing to see the moon after all the clouds we have had this month!

For all you doubters - Buddha CAN jump up when he wants to!!

What Dharma does when she wants to scare the crap out of her mother.

Tropical moisture in action - the view from the deck tonight.


One Response to “The ups and downs”

  1. I’m sorry about the refrigerator, Lisa. But your view more than makes up for it, right? (right? LOL) Seriously, beautiful and I can’t wait to see for myself in August! (and meet those kitties!)

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