The final push

July 26, 2010

Had a good meeting with Dallas this weekend to try to figure out how we are going to get that pesky remaining 5% done on the project.  I need front steps for my first overnight visitors in the middle of August!  I think we have a plan although I know it will not be 100% done by then.  But, at least it will be close.  Makes me scratch my head if it will ever be really “done” in our minds (since there is plenty of landscaping that we haven’t even thought about yet…). 

We did have some action on Saturday with the boys working on the patio.  Took a couple of pictures.

Much contemplation

Still in progress

We ended up wrapping the deck so no one would take a header when the exited the thrid bedroom

A little glimpse of what I am doing right now (except I had to step away to take the picture).

And the front. Can't wait for the day with no earth movers and porta potties


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