Labor day weekend

September 5, 2010

So what are the boys doing when I got back from the gym?

Cleaning the roof?!

Sleeping in...

And a little later in the morning Dharma establishes that she is Queen

 I know I have been bad updating pictures but life gets in the way sometimes!  We had a great shake out visit with my girlfriends the other weekend.  Learned lots about how to entertain in the house.  We also are getting a few odds and end finished on the exterior.  The second attempt at the front door happened on Friday.  While this one is not warped, sadly they cracked it when installing the lockset.  Hopefully we can get that fixed.

A little wine before we start cooking

Trying out the deck

JL and Vince segregate the food on the BBQ for us meat eaters

JL enjoying a beverage in the living room - blueberry beer

JL spoiling the Dharma with attention

Naps were an important part of the weekend

JL cooking the the girls vegan feast for Saturday night

Lisa and Susan getting the grill ready

JL showing off her grilling skills

The girls in the kitchen

The kids wishing they could help grill

Finishing touches

Finally eating!

Breakfast on Sunday - Buddha makes sure we know who his Daddy is.

Brought Vince to La Jolla to take pictures of us

OK - Vince can be in a picture too!

JL's portrait of us with the house on our way out to dinner.

And not terribly exciting but…

The new, new front door!!


3 Responses to “Labor day weekend”

  1. mom Says:

    Looks like everyone had fun, people and cats alike. Keep those pictures coming.

  2. Great update! 🙂 Love the door (so bummed it’s cracker. prognosis?)

  3. Mom, Caralli Says:

    Door looks beautiful. Love the update. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.
    Mom C.

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