The big trip

October 27, 2010

Yes, I have taken a break from blogging about the house but I hopefully will make up for it with pictures and details of our trip to Italy.  As some of you know it was supposed to a short trip to Italy and then a cruise to Greece to celebrate V’s folk’s 50th wedding anniversary this year.  But fate intervened and decided to disable our ship less than 1 week before we were scheduled to leave.  So it tranformed into the All Italy trip!  So here you go!


With the bad luck of the cruise being canceled, Vince started getting antsy about the flight out Tuesday morning (were the travel gods against us?).  He had seen that our same flight that morning had been delayed and he didn’t want to miss the flight to Frankfurt.  So we ended up booking new earlier flights as we packed Monday night.  That meant getting up at 3:45 AM but better to be safe than sorry.

As it turns out, all flights were on time which meant we were at the San Francisco airport very early.  When we could finally check in, V’s folks arrived and we were all able to do it together. Hung out in the lounge awaiting the flights.  Flight over was good (Luftansa) but didn’t sleep much.  Connected to Bologna and ended up at the hotel at about 3 pm Wednesday.

That night we tried to get an early dinner but that is hard since nothing opens until 7.  The hotel found us a place that opened pretty much just for us.  Limited menu but it was food!  Bologna is quite a student town.  Very well dressed students.

The next day we went for a walking tour.

Had some lunch at a cafeteria which was good.  In the afternoon we went to Dozza which is a small town around a castle.  Very interesting.  They have an art contest and the walls of the town are painted.

The castle itself had been converted to living quarters which was interesting to see.

Had the chance to stop for nice cappuccino before we headed home.

The next day we were off to see Ferrari and Lamborghini.  You can’t see the production facilities anymore, but we saw the museums.  Really interesting (especially for the boys).

Our final day in Bologna was spent at cooking school learning how to make pasta all by hand. Very amusing teachers and fun was had by all!!

And we got to eat the results!

The next day we traveled to Como which was the “plan B” for the cruise.  When we got to the hotel, we found that they upgraded us to penthouse suites since it was off-season and not very full.  Absolutely amazing rooms with amazing views.

The grounds.

And the views from breakfast were not bad either (be it food or the scenery)!

That afternoon, Vince and I walked to the nearest town Torno and realized how isolated we were.  It is kind of a 1.5 lane road with no sidewalk so you take your life into your own hands.  Plus we decided to take the wrong tunnel and ended up going through the traffic tunnel.  We survived but we were glad we left V’s folks at the spa!  We decided at that point that the only way to really get to anything was to take a cab.

The next day we took that cab down to Como and hopped on the ferry to go to Bellagio.

As you can see, winter is approaching!

Bellagio was pretty but the only thing there is shopping (and no George Clooney sightings).  But it was pretty.

The next day we made an attempt to go to the Cinque Terre.  I say “attempt” since one of our trains was “retardo” and we missed our connection in Genoa.  At that point we had to make the decision to stay or go on.  Based on the length of the trip (and the two hours we would get to spend in the Cinque Terre), we decided to stay in Genoa.

We had a little lunch, walked around, and then returned to Como.  Found a nice little restaurant for dinner where truffles were plentiful.

We had decided the day before that the next day would be couple’s choice.  Each couple doing what they wanted to.  In the middle of the night, however, V’s dad had an epiphany that we should check out and go back to Milan.  Even though our rooms were beautiful, it was just too isolated to get around quickly and economically.  We agreed that morning and took the train back to Milan (after a very expensive car ride to the train station but that is another story…)

When we got back into Milan, we checked into tickets for La Scala opera and were lucky to find 4 seats that the fabulous Luigi was able to secure for us.  So that was the new plan for the evening.

The next day, V’s mom decided she wanted a break from Italian trains after our Genoa odyssey so we left them to shop (not a bad thing in Milan) and Vince and I headed back to the train station.  We ended up selecting Lugano in Switzerland as our destination since it was only an hour away.  V and I headed up and had a very nice day together.

Our final day, we had made a reservation to go on a tour because at the end of the tour, we would get in to see the last supper (which we missed the last time we were in Milan).  So we were up, checked out of the hotel, and headed on the tour.

Here is the church that holds the Last Supper and a picture of a picture of the Last Supper (we had to improvise).

After the tour we had some lunch and then took a taxi to the airport hotel.  We had to be up at 3 am to catch our morning flight.

The flight home was long but uneventful.  We ended up being able to catch an earlier flight to San Diego so that we made it home by 5 pm which was given two paws up by Dharma and Buddha.

Was able to stay awake (sort of) until 8 pm so got back into the groove.

And that my friends, was the trip in words and pictures!!


2 Responses to “The big trip”

  1. A trip of a lifetime! The photos are lovely.

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    Yep – 50 years is a major acomplishment. Vince and I are not even half way there yet but will expect you guys there celebrating it with us!!

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