A Happy Hour for the ladies (and Vince)

November 20, 2010

As I brush up on my hosting skills again I thought it would be nice to have some of the gals over for some wine on Thursday.  We did “make your own pizza” since I am lazy….  Got use out of the new bar chairs but now realize I need two more.  Back to Ikea.

Action shot!

Meredith being creative with rice crusts and soy cheese. JL would be proud.

Close up

Awaiting Meredith's pizza (Kristin, Vince, Nancy and Steph)

Nancy gives it a try

Nancy reminds me that this is "in process" but I remind Nancy that pizza is normally round...

Buddha is dejected that Daddy is talking to the ladies and not giving him lap time.

Dharma, however, awaits her glass of wine - she is a lady afterall.


Steph demonstrates why I need more bar stools.

And finally, because I can, two gratuitous Dharma pictures.

Loving the sun.

Not sure if this is actually comfortable?!


2 Responses to “A Happy Hour for the ladies (and Vince)”

  1. Rice crust and soy cheese?! Pinch me! 😉 It all looks delish. Lovely evening! (love Dharma waiting for wine…just like Auntie JL!) 🙂

  2. Mom, Caralli Says:

    Numbers look great. So does pizza.
    Mom C.

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