Inspection + Thanksgiving

November 26, 2010

Our “final” inspection happened on Tuesday.  Our regular inspector Sean was too busy so Mike showed up.  Mike didn’t seem to like our “but we want it that way” excuse so we need to make a couple of corrections.  First of all is are the hand railings.  Apparently, there is a code that they have to have a return otherwise you could catch a sleeve (here is where our pleas went unheeded).

But the good news is that he didn’t write us up for the height of the railings on the upper stairs which Dallas convinced him were fine (ummmm, they are a little high actually).

Next was the door to the upper furnace.  It is high efficiency so can only run on outside air.  We need to put a gasget on the door.  Pretty easy fix.

Finally the outlet that was originally put in when we were going to float a countertop over the bath and stayed in when we took out the countertop got noted.  Apparently too much of a enticement for me to blow dry my hair in the tub.

Once we get those fixed, we can get our final “final”.

As for Thanksgiving, we had a nice day at home.  Beautiful crisp run in the morning for me.  Followed by my attempt to bake german chocolate cupcakes for Vince which didn’t turn out too well.  Didn’t realize the silicone cups only work for muffins…

But Dinner was yummy for us.  Ribs because it was just the two of us and we haven’t cooked them in years due to our BBQ limitations in the appartment.

Buddha waited patiently while we ate not knowing that he was getting some Thanksgiving tuna.

Finally he got his Thanksgiving treat (but had to share of course).

Finally, I rescued the cupcakes and they became topping for vanilla ice cream (resourceful).

This morning we slept in (no crazy 3 am shopping for us) and the morning is here again cool but clear.  A nice holiday weekend.

A quick edit update to show you the end of the day.


2 Responses to “Inspection + Thanksgiving”

  1. What a wonderful holiday in your new home! Xoxo

  2. Heidi&Ron Says:

    The house looks really great! Wish you guys lived closer to us, you could have come over to our house. We had plenty of Turkey! Long gone are our pitiful Thanksgiving dinners that we tried to make and now we have a wide variety of yummy items and not too many people to share them with. We give our cat Kiki some tuna too for Thanksgiving. We enjoy seeing your house pics.
    Heidi, Ron, Julie, Nicole

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