It’s beginning to look like Christmas

November 28, 2010

Ah, just enjoying four days off….  The last couple of days have involved wandering around shopping centers but not buying anything (although I have my eye on a new vacuum cleaner that just may get purchased tonight on-line), visits to the storage unit (since we couldn’t find anything outside, we ended up shopping our own stuff!), and finally today securing a cheap turkey (more pictures on that later).  Now I know what we are doing tonight (although all of this eating is finally starting to show up in the mirror at the gym).

Boxes are home much to the delight of Dharma

Vince sets up some lights (found in our second visit to the storage unit)

And they work - at least until the wind storm last night.


Broke out the Rudolph bobble heads - just love these guys!

And so, apparently, does Buddha

I am not even going to mention how many times Dharma got squired as she tried to take down the tree or wrestle with a Santa. It is going to be a LONG holiday season and we haven't even put the real tree up... Sigh.


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