Back from our pre-holiday

December 7, 2010

We just got back from a quick trip to visit with our family in Northern CA.  Very nice visit and so easy since it was not actually on a holiday!  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures of the event.  We are getting very excited about our first Christmas in our new house (well, in any house we have owned since every other year we have been up North).  I think the cats are excited as well.  We are getting the real Christmas tree tomorrow I think…

Buddha helping Vince setting up the computer for V's folks before we leave.

Fran - this answers the question as to what Dharma was up to while we were gone...

But this face could never do anything wrong!

Buddha gets his own time in the spotlight - notice how he is not actually wreaking any havoc unlike our youngest child.

Apparently I was being photographed against my will last night - but at least the cats were happy to have us home!


One Response to “Back from our pre-holiday”

  1. Ha! Love that innocent Dharma! 🙂 And Buddha and daddy are just too sweet! Will Vince be doing a Clark Griswald with your house? Seems like the perfect year to light up the neighborhood with your new house! 😉

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