Christmas loot

December 12, 2010

Vince and I decided to buy ourselves (well me) a couple of early Christmas presents.  First is the fabulous Dyson mini vacuum.  LOVE it.  Next is a TV for the bedroom.  After chasing sales for weeks, I finally just sucked it up and bought it at Costco for the sale price that I could never get.  And it has an extended warranty.  We watched our first news is the bedroom last night (is that a GOOD thing?).

We also got the extra two stools for the bar and Ikea was not as crazy as I thouht it would be right before x-mas.  Oh and we got our plans from the landscape architect yesterday!  Now I get to look up plants…

I also am going to throw in a picture of Ptek’s holiday party.  We decided to be very low key this year and had it at our local hang-out.  Turned out to be a very fun evening and maybe a new tradition.  Instead of dressing up in formal wear we had a holiday sweater contest.  Much more entertaining!

Lisa's new toy

The crew unwraps Lisa's other new toy

Awaiting mounting above the fireplace. Apparently some wiring needs to happen.

Not that any of you have noticed the old one, but Vince installed the "modern" doorbell chime.

Landscape plans!!

The holiday sweater crew at the party. I took second place (couldn't beat the onesies!)

And how could I not have a kitty picture (especially for the Raab's). Dharma being a good girl.


2 Responses to “Christmas loot”

  1. Heidi Raab Says:

    Thanks for the kitty picture! That is funny that you got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Did you see the video about the guy being in the doghouse for getting his wife a vacuum cleaner? I did share the link on Facebook.

    I also think that the sweater party is a lot more fun than dressing up. We did our 30th high school reunion as a casual affair even with a potluck and it was probably the best reunion we had since no one had to stress with the dress-up.

    Looks like you are settling in well in your house!

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    No I wanted this! With my b’day so close I get a chance for something fun as well. That is the benefit (not the curse!).

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