Wine, wine, and more wine

January 12, 2011

Did I mention wine?  We had a fun outing with our good friends Dave and JL in Napa last weekend.  Since we rarely get to see them, we took the opportunity to join them on our coast when they came out for business.  And it was our good luck that Napa was their destination of choice!

JL, the good vegan blogger that she is (, had arranged a couple of tastings for us with some wineries that are producing vegan wines.  And what tours they were!  So lots of wine to taste, good food to eat, and good friends hang with – couldn’t ask for more.

We plot our plan of attack the first morning over breakfast.

Our first tasting at St Supery. January is a nice quiet time to visit Napa - but beware of the cold!

JL goes Napa.

Grgich - the damage was two nice bottles of wine that we had for dinner.

Getting ready for our Cakebread tour - JL stealing the limelight.

The Cakebread grounds.

The Cakebread wines

And we taste the Cakebread wines

The next day was a balmy 39 degrees and found us at Schug in Sonoma

Michael, their wine maker, spent over 2 hours with us! It pays to know a vegan wine enthusiast!

Their cave

The gang getting another taste from the barrel

And finally a proper tasting of their reds in the tasting room

Everyone in rapt attention (except me who is running off to take pictures)

Nope, still cold and gloomy when we left but we had wine in our tummies to keep us warm


And finally, at our last dinner together, Dave ponders how many ways you can serve raw bovine. JL and Dave - a match made in heaven 😉


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