It is official!

April 9, 2011

We got the final sign off from the city yesterday.   The house is all ours.  Now I just need to wait to see what happens to my taxes…

Landscaping starts in a couple of weeks.  I think that may warrant some more blog posts.

The signature

The signatory (for an inspector he doesn't seem THAT scary)

And guess what arrived today - our new couch for the sitting area. Lots of good house happenings.

And now a glimpse into dinner time now that we have started eating at the island in the kitchen.

Dharma keeps her eye on the prize.

Buddha exceeding lap capacity.


2 Responses to “It is official!”

  1. Great news! Must be a relief. Can’t wait to see the landscaping transformations!

  2. tunapokaa Says:

    Yes – I was really surprised how much weight I felt lifted driving back to work after the visit. Didn’t realize it was hanging over me so much!!

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