Landscaping has officially started

May 1, 2011

It all began with the arrival of the porta potty and it has been chaos ever since.  It is hard to get back into construction mode, but at least this should only last a month versus over a year!

Wednesday AM - the reality sunk in. Back into the world of contractors.

A backyard before. The poor citrus that survived the remodel...

And then there was none.

Another before

And an after

It will get better - right?!

No driveway which means no garage and there is a heatwave coming. Fun!

I am sure plants will be much more exciting to look at but this gives you a feel for where we are now.  Basically, living on Mars.

One bit of additional progress (as of 30 minutes ago) is that we finally hung a mirror for the powder room!  Now you can actually powder your nose in there.


One Response to “Landscaping has officially started”

  1. Mom Says:

    Proud of you for arriving on Mars. Things will be beautiful when you get back to Mother Earth.
    The powder room is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it.

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