Capturing a couple of weekends

August 15, 2011

Last weekend we had a very fun visit with our two friends from NY, JL and Dave.  JL was in town for the Blogher conference since he new passing is blogging.  Lots of walking, running, biking, drinking and of course eating!  Oh and a few bets were placed on the ponies…

This weekend we did a little home improvement trying to accessorize a bit.  Slow progress…

JL showing off her swag bags. One for each blog.

Blogging - as bloggers do. Notice our new fish art on the wall. The artists makes fish from what he finds on the beach.

Sad to say but this was our very first attemp to eat out on the deck. Fairly successful execept a few mosquito bites.

Sending JL off to her first day of "class"

Our painting from Africa finally gets a home in the dining room

New pillows for the guest bed.

New "art" (and I use that term losely). But it gives us a little color in the room for now.



One Response to “Capturing a couple of weekends”

  1. It was such a fun weekend! Great eats were prepared on that grill!

    The print from Africa is stunning in the dining room. And the new “art” definitely works. Your home is so lovely.

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