The photo shoot

January 25, 2012

Finally the time came and we had to commit to the dreaded photo shoot.  Our hand forced by San Diego Home and Garden who decided we needed to be in the April edition which gave us about 2 weeks to shoot and submit.  It turned out to be a fun but exhausting day.  It was great to see the house through new sets of eyes.

The photo day starts with Rich putting the finishing touches on the fireplace - talk about calling it close!


David from Boomerang arrives with some cool mid-century pieces for the shoot.


People AND things coming in


David's knick knacks


Starting to stage the bathroom - this is how you camoflage the closet. Worked great!


Spent a lot of time shooting the bathroom...


And finally Rich is done! Take a bow Rich.


And still shooting in the bathroom


More things arrive via Kevin


Magazine people to add to the mix


Vince cleans up after Rich


Finally moving on to the bedroom. Kevin stages the shot.


Kevin is happy so we apparently did something right!


Vince preparing for his big entrance. Work it Vince!


Barbara works her magic


The final set up minus Vince walking through the door


Kevin doing some blue collar work for a change


Setting up for the patio shot. They had me sit in the chair with an iPad. How techy.


Preparing for the kitchen shoot


Still staging


More magic from Barbara


Yes I was lusting after the orange lamp


More artistic vision from Kevin


As dusk nears we move to exteriors


Kevin adds interest to the foreground and possibly gets a hernia


Barabara takes over lead photography on the back while Dave takes the front


A little lighting wizardry from Dave


Kevin does a little damage control - we swear he will be home soon!!!


Cameras are down....


and it is time for Lisa and Vince to have a beer.

An amazing experience.  Fun to meet new people and see a little behind the scenes.  And who knows, maybe Dharma or Buddha may become famous as they charmed their way into a few of the photos.  You never know…


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