Landscape is growing in

October 5, 2011

Wanted to share a picture of the front with the landscape starting to mature!


Last weekend we had a very fun visit with our two friends from NY, JL and Dave.  JL was in town for the Blogher conference since he new passing is blogging.  Lots of walking, running, biking, drinking and of course eating!  Oh and a few bets were placed on the ponies…

This weekend we did a little home improvement trying to accessorize a bit.  Slow progress…

JL showing off her swag bags. One for each blog.

Blogging - as bloggers do. Notice our new fish art on the wall. The artists makes fish from what he finds on the beach.

Sad to say but this was our very first attemp to eat out on the deck. Fairly successful execept a few mosquito bites.

Sending JL off to her first day of "class"

Our painting from Africa finally gets a home in the dining room

New pillows for the guest bed.

New "art" (and I use that term losely). But it gives us a little color in the room for now.


A bit more progress

July 11, 2011

We had a good weekend for progress.  On Friday we FINALLY got the counter tops installed in the office.  Boy, it was a challenge to get that contractor to  get ‘er done.  But at least it is over.  Also, we sorted out the spare bedroom and took a load down to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society thrift shop.  Felt good to purge.  TV is slowly taking its place in the bedroom.  We need to do some fine adjustment with the wiring to get it to sit flat, but at least it is closer to where it is supposed to be.  It gives Dharma a new sleeping spot on the trunk.  On the outside, plants are progressing nicely.  Seeing signs of new growth every day.

The willow acacia produced some seed pods for us

Just because they are so cute...


I thought I would share a few more pictures as the landscape starts to take hold and Vince and I enjoy the benefits of living in Del Mar.

A alternate angle of the front

The back is starting to take root

You know what this means...

No modern art (aka the antenna) in my sitting room. We can now actually decorate!

The start of our walk to the fair yesterday. Beautiful yellow flowers.

Spotted a family of quail on the path down

The outlook - making sure we stay far away from the babies

A blue heron does a little fishing in the lagoon

Today we continue to digest all the deep fried fixin’s that we consumed yesterday at the fair.  We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

Let there be light!

June 23, 2011

I know I have had a short pause in posting but it was worth the wait.  The lighting went in today.  I took a couple of photos to share but plan to try to do a better job soon. These are the best my camera can do without a tripod!  Kudos to both Todd Pittman (landscape architect) and Greg Vorce (contractor) for their care in ensuring that this project turned out so beautiful!  And of course Kevin and Manish for the lovely backdrop for the landscaping.  🙂  More pics to come – I promise!

Memorial Day

June 1, 2011

It was so nice to have three days off in a row.  Took advantage by running some TV cable (getting us much closer to getting the TV antenna on the roof instead of the sitting area) and re-staining the front fence.  With all the new work, it started to stand out.  Now that we did that, I realized I need to get another coat onto the cedar as well.  The joys of home ownership!  Architect Todd came by today (shout out!) and we were able to go through a punch list of last details.  He is happy and we are happy – can’t beat that.

I still can't get a shot without the porta potty. Sorry guys...

Perspective from the front door.

How Dharma spent her Memorial Day

And we are not sure if Buddha will ever move again. A routine is one thing but this is getting rediculous.


Ever so close

May 27, 2011

The decomposed granite (“DG”) arrived today and really helps to pull it all together.  We are getting really close.  Still can’t get a perfect perspective shot because of the dumpster and porta potty but that will come soon.  Just wanted to show you how the front looks today.