We moved into our Del Mar house in 1998.   Del Mar lies just north of San Diego, CA.

big map

The location was ideal – close to the beach and easy access to everything.   

map new


Our house, however, was not ideal.  It was built in 1970 – not a particularly good year for architecture. 















We knew from the beginning that we wanted to remodel it but life, as it does, got in the way.  Over the years we had several failed attempts to get the project started.  But then one day Lisa found a conceptual drawing in a magazine.

house of the future

Lisa emailed the architect and that was our first contact with Kevin de Freitas. 








Our first attempt at a project start in early 2008 was thwarted by the global economic downturn.  We had our contractor lined up, the plans in the city, but the house funds had become frozen.

Stock chart and anguished woman




By January 2009 we had resigned ourselves to house purgatory but much to our surprise, our trusty financial planner freed our house funds and we were ready to go again.  This time, we spoke with a new contractor who was working with Kevin on a project and the fit seemed ideal.





So, after many years and at least a hundred emails/meetings/phone calls/family interventions (OK, there were no interventions but we know you wanted to!), we are now ready to embark on project “0602-Caralli”.  We are looking forward to the adventure.

front new house


More pictures at:


( in the website, scroll along the squares below the picture to view them all)


3 Responses to “The short story…”

  1. mom Says:

    Loved this short story!! Looking forward to the next installment. Mom

  2. Linda Blodgett Says:

    Never having seen the old house, I am having a bit of trouble orienting myself in regard to streets, ocean and views. I’m sure that will all become clear as the computer-generated model transforms into real photos of the real house. I looked at all the pictures and all the text and was very impressed by the whole website. I’m looking forward to the unfolding story.


  3. Love your contemporary concept and the Del Mar neighborhood. You definitely did the right thing in remodeling.

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